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How to Change Your Disney+ Region to Unlock the Hidden Shows?

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Disney+ has grown to become among the major players in the business, boasting a vast collection of movies covering different generations and types. Nonetheless, there are some issues such as licensing agreements, which may limit the availability of shows or movies to different countries. If you have any time when you would like to know where are the hidden gems, you won’t get lost. How can we change Disney Plus region in order to unravel a whole new realm of entertainment?

Why We Need to Change Disney Plus Region?

Before jumping into the “how”, it’s important to understand the “why”:

  1. Licensing Restrictions: Some content on Disney+ might be licensed differently in various countries, making it exclusive to certain regions.
  2. New Releases: Sometimes, new shows or movies might be released earlier in specific countries.
  3. Local Content: Disney+ might also offer shows and movies that cater to the local audience of a particular country.

Is it legal?

It’s vital to approach this topic with caution:

  1. Terms of Service: Altering your region might violate Disney+’s terms of service. It’s essential to read and be aware of their policies.
  2. Potential Risks: There’s always a risk of your account getting flagged or even banned when trying to bypass regional restrictions.

Using a VPN to Change Disney Plus Region

VPN to Change Disney Plus Region

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is the most common tool to help you switch regions:

  1. Choose a Reliable VPN: Opt for a VPN known for its streaming capabilities. Popular choices include ExpressVPN, NordVPN, and Surfshark.
  2. Install & Connect: Once you’ve chosen a VPN, install it on your device and connect to a server in the desired country.
  3. Access Disney+: With the VPN active, visit Disney+ and log in. You should now have access to the content specific to the connected region.

Changing Region in Account Settings

For those relocating or temporarily in a different country:

  1. Login to Disney+: Access your account from a web browser.
  2. Navigate to Account Settings: Find the option related to ‘Region’ or ‘Country’.
  3. Change the Region: Select the desired region from the dropdown list. Remember, this might affect your billing, so ensure you have a valid payment method for the chosen region.

Some Hiccups to Be Aware Of

Despite the above methods, you might face some challenges:

  1. VPN Blocks: Disney+ actively tries to block VPN servers. If you’re facing issues, switch to another server or reach out to your VPN’s customer support.
  2. Payment Issues: Disney+ might require a payment method from the country you’re trying to switch to. Consider using international credit cards or buying Disney+ gift cards.

Titles Worth Unlocking

Once you successfully Change Disney Plus Region, here are some titles that might be worth checking out:

  1. Local Originals: Many regions have their local originals that provide a fresh perspective outside of the usual Hollywood fare.
  2. Classic Shows: Some older Disney shows or movies might only be available in specific regions due to nostalgia or regional popularity.

The Role of DNS in Changing Regions

While VPNs are the go-to solution, another method is adjusting your DNS settings:

  1. DNS Services: Companies like SmartDNS offer services that mask your location to bypass geo-restrictions.
  2. Setup: Usually, it requires manually adjusting the DNS settings on your device. Follow the provider’s guide to ensure the correct configuration.
  3. Speed Advantage: DNS services might offer faster streaming speeds compared to VPNs since they don’t encrypt your entire connection.

Streaming Devices & Region Change

The device you use can impact the ease of switching regions:

  1. Mobile Devices: Most smartphones and tablets allow VPN apps. Simply run the app, change the location, and access Disney+.
  2. Smart TVs: Some smart TVs might not support VPNs directly. Consider using a VPN-enabled router or casting from a VPN-protected device.
  3. Gaming Consoles: Like smart TVs, consoles like the PlayStation or Xbox might require a VPN-enabled router or DNS adjustments.

Language & Subtitle Considerations

Changing your region might also affect the audio and subtitle options:

  1. Local Language: If you switch to a non-English region, some shows might default to the local language. Ensure to adjust the audio settings.
  2. Subtitle Availability: While Disney+ is excellent in offering multiple subtitle options, some regions might have limited choices.

Respecting Cultural Differences

A small note for global viewers:

  1. Content Sensitivities: Shows or movies in one region might cater to the local culture, and what’s acceptable in one country might be viewed differently in another.
  2. Regional Ratings: Age ratings can vary from country to country. Ensure to check them, especially if kids are watching.

Why Some Titles Are Hidden in Your Region

Understanding the business behind streaming:

  1. Competing Licenses: A show available on Disney+ in one country might be streaming on another platform in a different country due to previous agreements.
  2. Censorship and Regulations: Some content might be modified or not available in specific countries due to local laws and cultural sensitivities.

Using Proxy Servers

Using Proxy Servers

Another alternative to VPNs:

  1. What’s a Proxy?: Similar to a VPN, a proxy server acts as a middleman between your device and Disney+. However, it doesn’t always offer encryption like VPNs.
  2. Free vs. Paid: While there are free proxy servers available, they might be slower or less reliable than paid options.

Multi-Region Viewing on One Account

If you’re a globetrotter or share your account across borders:

  1. Profile-Based: Consider setting up different profiles for each region. While it won’t change the content directly, it helps in organizing watchlists or recommendations based on regional preferences.
  2. Switching Back: After accessing another region, remember to revert your settings (VPN, DNS, etc.) to return to your original content library.

Billing Implications

Changing regions can sometimes affect how you’re billed:

  1. Currency Differences: If you change your account’s region, you might be billed in the local currency, which can affect the amount due to exchange rates.
  2. VAT and Taxes: Different countries have varying tax rates on digital services, which could slightly alter the subscription fee.

Tips for Seamless Streaming

For those aiming for a buffer-free experience:

  1. Optimal Server Selection: If using a VPN, select a server closest to the region you’re emulating for faster speeds.
  2. Regularly Clear Cache: Sometimes, cookies or cached data can reveal your actual location. Clear them regularly if facing access issues.

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